Hawk Deer Drag Cinch Padded Handle Heavy Duty Pull Cord


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Hawk lets you get your game out to your vehicle or cleaning area with this Deer Drag Cinch. Place around legs or antlers to pull your game easier. Can be attached to an ATV or vehicle ball hitch for long hauls. Small size means you can always have it with you.

Deer often expire in difficult to reach spots, usually not accessible to ATV’s or vehicles. Traditional drag methods can make it difficult to maneuver game and result in a lot of struggle trying to pull against brush and downfall lumber. The CINCH™ Deer Drag is quick, simple and effectively reduces a majority of ground friction. The Cinch™ Deer Drag reduces the pull weight up to 40% by raising the head, neck and shoulder area of a deer up off the ground simply by pulling with your arms extended straight behind you. Easily store the CINCH™ away in your pack and enjoy your next recovery!

– 40% REDUCED DRAG Raises Head & Neck Off Ground

– CINCH CABLES Quickly Attaches to Game and Reduces Ground Friction

– EASY DRAG Contoured Handle is Ergonomic for One or Two-Person Pulling

– EASY PACKING Compact 9.5” and Extremely Lightweight

  • Works With Bucks & Does
  • Pull With ATV Or Vehicle by Placing Handle Over Ball Hitch

You can also Pull with ATV or Vehicle by placing handle over ball hitch


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