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Layaway Payments – In-Store Customers

Dear Local Customers:

If you have an existing in-store layaway and would like to make a payment, click red button below to make a payment directly to Duke’s Sport Shop. Reference your name and description of the item on Layaway.

If you would like to setup a new layaway, visit us in-store or call to put a deposit down over the phone (20% Minimum Deposit, 90 Days Maximum, Non-Refundable)

New Request - Online Layaways

  1. Select your item from our online inventory
  2. Contact Us to setup layaway. Please include the SKU of the item, your name, address, and phone number

Terms of Online Layaways

  • Item must be at least $200
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the layaway items are legal to own in their state/locality.
  • Layaway Fee is 5% of the item price ($25 Minimum)…i.e. items under $500 will incur a $25 Layaway Fee, and items over $500 will incur a 5% Layaway Fee

Layaway Payment Schedule Will Be as Follows

  1. 25% Payment Due Upon Layaway (25% of Total, including item amount, tax (if applicable – PA Only), Shipping and Layaway Fee)
  2. 25% Payment Due at the end of current month or 15th of next month – choose at time of layaway, will stay same throughout
  3. 25% Payment – 15th or end of month
  4. 25% Payment (Final) – 15th or end of month
  • We will e-mail you a link to make the first Layaway Payment, and we will pull the funds from that same card for the remaining scheduled payments
  • If you choose to payoff your Layaway earlier than scheduled Contact Us
  • Layaway must be paid according to the payment schedule above (or earlier), or the layway will be cancelled.
  • All paymens/deposits are considering final, non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Layaway (items/price) cannot be changed once setup
  • Only one Layaway per customer is allowed at one time
  • An FFL Dealer must be selected prior to the end of the layaway, and confirmed that they will accept the transfer.