Pre-Owned Guns Online coming soon!

Well glad you clicked on here as now pre-own guns are available by clicking on this link. Please read below but in case your the type that likes to read fast and you want the basics here it goes. When guns are traded in they will sit in the shop for up to 3 wks. After that they will be pulled from the showcase and added here to the online store. So remember if your stopping at the shop to check out the pre-owned guns listed online you will need to ask the clerk to get it from the back so we can show you. Ok so that’s it in a nutshell click on the link and it will take you to the pre-owned online store.


Very soon a new category will be added to our online store! We will be adding some of our Pre-Owned Guns to the online store.

When a Pre-Owned firearm is listed in our online Pre-Owned inventory it WILL NOT be on the sales floor at the shop. If you see a Pre-Owned Firearm listed online you will need to purchase it from the online store. The reasoning is we don’t want to risk the chance of someone in the shop buying the Pre-Owned firearm while someone online is also buying that firearm.
You may stop at the store and ask the Sales Clerk to see a online Pre-Owned Firearm. If the Pre-owned firearm says it’s in stock on the webpage that would mean it is still in stock. Once the item is sold it will instantly say out of stock. We will remove sold Pre-Owned Inventory’s once a week.
Every Monday we plan on adding new Pre-Owned Firearms as they become available so check back every Monday night to see if any new items have been listed.

We also encourage you to make an online account on our online store. Click the link to make an account.

• By creating an Account:

• You can check out faster

• Hit the heart shape icon on an out of stock firearm and will be instantly notified via email once that item is back in stock.

•Leave Reviews of Firearms we have posted.

•Check Your Account status.

•View Previous Orders

• Make a wish list

• Many more features to come!

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