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What to expect when buying online.

Jan 13 2021

What to expect when buying online. First we recommend that you make an account. This will allow you to check out easier and show your records of what you purchase. You can also create a wish list of items you …

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The Last of the Trump Guns

Jan 08 2021

This is it the last of the Trumps Guns so this is your last chance of buying one of these hard to find, Trump 1911’s AUTO ORDNANCE 1911 TRUMP .45ACP ­ AUTO ORDNANCE TRUMP VERSION 3 1911 NEW FOR 2020, …

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Colt Pythons .357 Magnum are back in stock!!!!

Dec 08 2020

Update Sold OUT We heard you loud and clear and everyone been asking for a Colt Python so we got a lot of them in 62 to be exact! we have both the 6″ model and the 4″ model. Click …

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Shadow Systems MR920 are back in stock!

Nov 05 2020

Shadow Systems MR920 Combats and Elites are back in stock!! Links are below. I personally own 2 of them if you follow our Instagram page then no doubt you’ve seen my Shadow Systems and how accurate they are and how …

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Out of stock Taurus Firearms back in stock G3, G3C G2C and TX-22!!

Oct 29 2020

The Extremely popular Taurus G3, G3C, G2C  and TX-22 are back in stock!  Click on the link to buy one now TAURUS TX22 .22 LR PISTOL Taurus – G3C, 9mm, 3.2″ Barrel, Adjustable Rear Sight, Black/Black, 3 12-rd Magazines TAURUS …

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Out of stock The Trump Collection at Duke’s Sport Shop!

Oct 29 2020

  Check out the collection of our 45th President Donald Trump! Show your friend’s who you support for the 2020 Presidential Election. Click on the links to buy these limited edition Trump Products. So don’t wait to long as these …

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Out of stock Flamethrower’s are back in stock!!

Oct 19 2020

These extremely popular Flamethrower’s are back in stock! Wait did you just say flamethower? Why yes we did, click on the link for more information and to get yours today! EXOTHERMIC PULSEFIRE LONG RANGE FLAME THROWER

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Canik TP9SFX are back in stock!

Oct 14 2020

Canik TP9SFx Warren Tactical Sights, Tungsten, 9mm, (2) 20 rnd Mags- 2017 Handgun of the Year –

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IWI Tavor TS-12 12ga Shotguns are back in stock!!…

Oct 09 2020

Check out this fan favorite video of the IWI Tavor TS12 then scroll down to buy this today!     Click on the link to buy this today! IWI TAVOR TS12 18.5″ 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN 3″ SEMI-AUTOMATIC, SHORT STROKE GAS …

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Out of Stock New 2020 KAG Trump 1911 # 3 in the Trump Collection Series is in stock!

Sep 29 2020

AUTO ORDNANCE 1911 TRUMP #3 45 2020 Collectors KAG (Keep America Great) .45acp

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