Consignment firearms we currently have available

This is a current list of Consignment firearms we have in stock!

List updated 12/16/2021

This list will be updated weekly.

When a consignment firearm is sold we will simply remove it from this posting, and will add new ones here.

All consignment firearms we have are cash only since we act as a broker for the customer who is selling the firearm.

All Consignment firearms still must pass a background check that includes long guns.

If you have a firearm you wish to place on consignment please bring it into the shop along with everything you wish to include.









Surgeon 591 action. KMW stock. 18.5″ Kreiger Barrel. Badger Ordinence Bottom Metal. Jewell Trigger. 5-25×56 Nightforce ATACR MIL Turrets F1, MIL reticle. Atlas Bipod.




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