Steel Challenge match this Sunday July 12th 2020

This Sunday will be a Steel Challenge match at Castlewood Rod and Gun club.  I will be attending this match and encourage anyone wanting to try the shooting sports to come out and give it a try! Steel challenge is a great place to start in the shooting sports. You stand in place and shoot at 5 steel targets that vary in distance and size. The goal is to shoot fast and accurate. You do 5 strings with 4 of the 5 strings counted towards your score.
There will be 6 stages. The match registration starts at 8am and shooting begins at 9am. As long as you have a basic shooting skills and can handle a gun safely this is a great sport to try out and get that much needed trigger time while doing it in a fun and safe place! Junior shooter are also encouraged to come along with a guardian.  For any information please fill free to message me on the company Facebook page or send an email to  in the title say attention Steve.
Match fee is $20

junior shooters is only $15.00

equipment needed is ear and eye protection which must be worn throughout the event, a semi-auto handgun chambered in 22LR, 9mm, 40s&w or 45acp. You may also use a 22LR rifle like Ruger 10/22 or S&W 15/22 or a Pistol Caliber Carbine in 9mm like the Ruger PCC. You will also need at least 3 magazines and recommended 200 rounds of ammunition   For more information on equipment please contact Castlewood practical shooters on there Facebook page. To register for the even copy and paste the below like to Castlewood practical shooters registration page and sign up at

“In an effort to move along the AM session you will only be able to shoot one gun. Depending on weather, turn out, squad sizes….etc. Two guns may be permitted at the Match Directors discretion.
PM squads are at the Match Directors discretion. There must be enough participants and tear down volunteers to have PM squads.
Registration/sign-in opens at 8:00 am. Shooting starts at 9 am.
Match fee $20 ($15- juniors)
7 total stages (~175 rounds min)
6 Steel Challenge stages
For each stage, shoot 5 strings. Best 4 times count towards your score.

Register online here (open til 5pm night before match)

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