Special Announcement! We will be having our Black Friday Sales Event on Friday Nov 18th, 2022 click here why it is being held one week earlier.

Please notice the change of date!
Our largest sale of the year will be “Our Black Friday Sale” which is on Friday, November 18th,2022 from 10am to 5pm.
Please make a special note of the change of date.
So, why the change of date & not the traditional day after Thanksgiving…
As a lot of you know PA moved the first day of rifle deer season to Saturday, Nov 26th. We found that a lot of you, including a lot of us, want to head up to camp the day before the season starts. Last year a lot were sad they missed out on our Black Friday sale so we decided to move it a week earlier since we also enjoy hunting. Makes sense right?
We think you will absolutely love the sales we will be having.
Watch our website home page and our email for more information that will be released as the time gets closer.
A lot of these deals will be not advertised, we will have special price tags at the shop on the day of the sale so you’ll definitely want to stop in that day as that new gun you’ve been wanting might just be on sale. 😍
Some of the deals will be available to purchase online, but this will mostly be an in-store sale!
So save the date, take a day off, whatever it takes don’t miss out on this Dukes Sport Shop Black Friday Sales Event!

So with that being said join us for OUR special Black Friday Sales event on Friday, Nov 18th from 10am to 5pm.

We feel everyone is going to love all of these deals we will post more about the sale first to our email and then on here so keep watching our home page for the Black Friday Sales Flyer!


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