“Can’t Find The Dot” a must read guide to finding the dot!

“Can’t find the dot”

With red dot use on handguns rapidly growing, we have heard some frustrations on
“can’t find the dot”  It’s always a struggle in the beginning, and some quit way to soon.
This is where dry fire practice is the key to learning.

Before I go on let me make clear this is just a dry fire training advice and does not replace seeking qualified firearms training from a qualified firearms instructors.
If your looking for recommendations on where to take a firearms class send us a message,  we work with a variety of very qualified firearms instructors who can help you take your shooting abilities to the next level!

Most new red dot users look for the dot, do not look for the dot!
Look through the glass at the target and the dot will appear, YOU DO NOT SEARCH FOR THE DOT, the dot is going to be exactly where you are pointing the gun at.
These drills helped me greatly from using irons to a red dot shooter, and now honestly I don’t like irons, red dot is life, life is a red dot ya ain’t going to change my mind on that one.

Use this after dot is zeroed.

Step One
Clear your gun, make sure mag is empty. Nothing is in chamber, re check. No ammo should be within arms reach while doing dry fire practice.

Step Two

Grab a water bottle, pop bottle etc  take it to basement or bedroom etc. set it about 7- 10 yards

Step 3

Start from a low ready position. Look at the cap of the water bottle, now draw up on it, look through the glass window, the dot should appear on the cap.
If your dot is to the left, to the right you have a bad grip re-adjust grip. Your not using your trigger, your simply learning to aim with your red dot, the goal is to build muscle memory.

Step 4

And keep repeating until every time you come up with your dot, it’s directly on the cap. Essentially your making the gun a part of your hand, we have been pointing at things with our finger since we were baby’s, so the hand eye coordination is already there, we are simply adding an extra component.

Step 5 now pull the trigger slowly  learn where the take up is, the wall, the break.  Did your dot just drop on you? Why cause you flinched your brain automatically just adjusted for an explosive projectile that was suppose to come from your gun but didn’t.

Step 6

Now repeat until your dot does not move when you pull that trigger, remember firm grip, the goal with a trigger is to pull it straight back nothing should move besides your trigger finger.

Step 7

You now can see the dot every time you draw from low ready, and your dot doesn’t move when you squeeze the trigger, congrats your now ready to move onto the holster phase.

With this phase you draw from holster aiming at the cap again, pull trigger straight back, if dot doesn’t move repeat 20 more times

Keep practicing at least once a week and you’ll see a major difference at the range

If your ready to take it to next step, add in multiple water bottles at different distances, practice transitions you’ll see sometime in a transition your way off, so practice again until your not.

These drills cost nothing and can make a substantial increase in your shooting abilities.

I do this 3 times minimum a week, 15 min dry fire drills and I can almost guarantee you do this for over a month  you’ll be out there shooting caps off water bottle at the range with ease,

Ready to be apart of that Red Dot Life
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