A small Review of the Glock 43x

We went to the range and tried out my new Father’s Day present the Glock 43X and it is a great gun and now I find myself debating which gun I love more for an EDC, the Sig 365 or the Glock 43X. After 250 rounds I found myself wondering where did all the ammo go????‍♂️????. Not a single issue and like just every Glock, I’ve owned or shot it ate all I could toss at it from aluminum case ammo, to some not so well known ammo companies and it just kept firing like it should. Though I did notice it really likes Sig 124 Elite Performance FMJ for my tightest group.
For defensive ammo I found the
124gr Federal Punch Defense rounds were amazingly best groupings by far.
Though I will be changing out the stock sights very soon and honestly that is the only thing that I will replace.

I also highly recommend Walker electronic ear muffs as the go to electric ear protection if you haven’t tried one you do not know what your missing!

As for conceal carry with comfort I can say just like the Sig 365, the Glock 43X is light enough that I can at sometimes forget I am carrying it, and the comfort of the OWB C&G OWB Holster with a very loud clicking as you push the gun into the holster secures it perfectly. If you’re looking for a new conceal carry gun, I highly recommend the Glock 43X or the Sig 365.
For a holster, I would highly recommend the C&G Kydex Holster.
Click on the links to view or buy the Glock 43X or Sig 365 plus link to C&G holsters


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